Doctor of Chiropractic, Researcher, and Founder

He graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa, the original and still premiere chiropractic college. He has extensive experience with a variety of spinal adjusting and soft-tissue techniques.


These include Receptor/Tonus, trigger point, activator, SOT, Gonstead, Flexion/Distraction, diversified and coupled reduction technique.

Dr Gabe is an athlete himself and is versed in sports injury, spinal rehabilitation, exercise re-education and nutrition. 


Dr Gabe is also fluent in English, Portuguese, and, of course, Spanish.



L.M.T (licensed Massage Therapist) ,RPR level 2 Certified , and Sports Performance Coach

In today’s society, it’s easy to become sedentary and to get away from our more natural state of movement and activity.


This stagnant lifestyle affects our physiological, psychological and emotional states. This stress causes an imbalance in both our personal and professional lives.

Nav's goal is to not only help you move and feel better, but to live better as well.


Nav has what it takes to reverse the path you are on and help others return to a place of movement, a place of health and happiness. 


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